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If you have experienced a vaginal delivery, some issues you may be experiencing include overactive bladder symptoms such as urgency and frequency, stress urinary incontinence (leaking with coughing or sneezing), prolapse, and postpartum sexual dysfunction.Postpartum sexual dysfunction may include several factors including painful intercourse and feeling decreased tone in the vagina. 

Why is this happening to my body?

The vagina stretches during the delivery, but after childbirth may not return to its pre-pregnant size. Moreover, pelvic muscle relaxation occurs due to stretching and trauma during the delivery. There may be pelvic floor injury due to compression or damage to the nerves, muscles and connective tissue. This is impactful as an optimal pelvic floor supports your pelvic organs, controls your bladder continence, and is involved in sexual satisfaction. 

If you are experiencing a pelvic organ prolapse, you may have noticed that part of the vaginal wall or uterus has descended lower than normal into the pelvic cavity. This is largely due to weakened or injured pelvic floor muscles from delivery. The risk of pelvic organ prolapse increases with the number of deliveries you have. This may lead to discomfort, incontinence, painful intercourse and a decrease in self-esteem.In severe cases, this may lead to surgery, but we have other treatment options to help!

Just like the vagina and pelvic floor muscles are stretched and manipulated in pregnancy and delivery, as is the abdominal wall. The abdomen stretches as baby grows and a condition known as diastasis recti can sometimes occur. This is essentially separation of the abdominal muscles which can be quite uncomfortable. Exercises and physical therapy can assist with this, and occasionally surgery may be necessary. 

What Should I Do?

Our postpartum recommendation would be one session of Morpheus 8 V, 6 sessions of V Tone, and 6 Sessions of Abdominal Tone.

The Morpheus 8 V will assist with incontinence issues, and painful intercourse. The V Tone, will assist with incontinence, regaining tone in the vagina, improving sexual satisfaction and assisting with prolapse. TheAbdominal Tone, will help to strengthen the core and abdominal muscles, and help to regain your pre-pregnant appearance. 

In addition to these treatments, it is also suggested to do maintenance exercises at home that can help alleviate stress on the pelvic floor.

This includes:
- do regular Kegel exercises
- focus on moving in neutral alignment
- do exercises to help strengthen your core muscles

Your healthcare provider will schedule post-partum check-ups to monitor your recovery and well-being. It’s important to attend these appointments to ensure that your body is healing properly. Remember that every woman’s experience is unique, and recovery can vary from person to person. If you have concerns or experience severe pain, bleeding, or other unusual symptoms, contact your healthcare provider for guidance and support. Postpartum recovery is a gradual process, so be patient with yourself and allow your body the time it needs to heal and adjust. 

Our Package:

Morpheus 8 V (one session) + 6 sessions of V Tone + 6 sessions of Abdominal Tone

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